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I am getting a image from the camera that I store in a byte array. I am passing this byte array to a native function.

Problem: The image contains color information that the native function does not care about. The black/white information is located in the first half of the array.

So basically what I would like to do is:

byte[1000] image;

The reason behind this is that a call to jni function means a memcopy of my image. With 30 fps I could save some time and memory if I only pass the relevant part of the image.

The constraint to any solution is that both arrays must point to the same array/memory. So simply creating a copy of the first half of the array to a smaller array is not an option.

Could something like this be done with a WeakReference?

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It's been a very long time I haven't used JNI, but couldn't you simply pass the array and the index in the array where the meaninful information starts? The native code could then make a copy of the relevant part only. – JB Nizet Mar 10 '13 at 9:21
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Give a try to GetByteArrayElements in your jni code. Depending on JVM implementation it either copies the array or gives you a direct pointer to it in java memory. I only used it with android, and it did give me a direct pointer, but I don't know if it works now with HotSpot.

If it fails, nio direct buffers are another way to share memory between java and jni code without copying.

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I think using nio with direct buffers is in fact the best solution to the problem here. – tmanthey Mar 10 '13 at 13:10

You don't seem to have even considered the obvious answer, which is to pass the length as well as the array to the native method.

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Instead of storing the image you get in a byte[1000] array, store it in 2 byte[500] ones from the outset, then simply pass the one you're interested in to your native function.

You can make a helper class like

class MyImage {
    public byte[500] grayInfo;
    public byte[500] colorInfo;

Since array length is not part of the type, casting can not help here.

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