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if (cevabb.getText().toString() == cev0.getText().toString()) {     
    Toast.makeText(test.this,"aaaa", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();     
} else {
    Toast.makeText(test.this,"bbb", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

cevabb.getText().toString()="xxx" and cev0.getText().toString()="xxx", but message shows "bbb"

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Use String.equals() method for String comparison, because == compares the references, whereas equals() is used for content comparison.

    // DO Something

Your case:-

    // DO Something
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Use like this.

if (cevabb.getText().toString().equals(cev0.getText().toString())) {



Difference between == and equals() method.

== is used to compare the reference. and equals method check the content of string variable.


First example

String s1 = "FirstString";
String s2 = "FirstString";

 if(s1 == s2) {
    //This condition matched true because java don't make separate object for these two string. Both strings point to same reference.

Second example

String s1= "FirstString";
String s2 = new String("FirstString");

if(s1.equals(s2)) {
  //This condition true because same content.

if(s1 == s2) {
  //This condition will be false because in this java allocate separate reference for both of them

Conclusion: Java check whether string exist or not. If we create the object of second string using new and have different content then its creates object and assign different reference and In case of If we don't create the object using new and have same content then its assign the same reference as first string contain.

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has to be


or if you want to compare as object

use intern()


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= operator compares the reference of String in memory. So, it is possible that String with the same value are located at different memory location and = operator gives result false.

Use equals or equalsIgnorecase so that it compares the value stored in String reference.

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