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How could I force mergetool GUI to be always shown and disable any automatic resolving?

Sometimes when there is a conflict during a merge and I use the mergetool, it simply immediatelly return after I hit enter on question "Hit return to start merge resolution tool (kdiff3)" and no GUI is shown and the conflict appears to be resolved.

I have the git configured to use kdiff3 as the mergetool now, but it happened also when I have codecompare as the mergetool specified. I know that there is an option "Auto save and quit on merge without conflicts" in kdiff3, which could theoretically cause the described behaviour, but I have this option disabled/unchecked all the time.

Also, there is trustExitCode option directly in git mergetool gitconfig, which I have set to true, but even if I set it to false, the GUI is not shown.

I am not sure who does the auto resolving anyway. Mergetool in some preprocessing or kdiff3?

I am running on Windows and have the Git-extensions installed.

Simillar question specific to kdiff3, was asked also here: Kdiff3 won't open with mergetool command

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Git has --auto hard coded as command line option to kdiff3, which causes the gui not to show up if all conflicts are auto-resolvable by kdiff3. In the kdiff3 settings you can specify command line options to ignore, but putting --auto there did not work for me.

As a workaround I configured my own variant of kdiff3 as merge tool:

git config --global mergetool.kdiff3NoAuto.cmd "kdiff3 --L1 \"\$MERGED (Base)\" --L2 \"\$MERGED (Local)\" --L3 \"\$MERGED (Remote)\" -o \"\$MERGED\" \"\$BASE\" \"\$LOCAL\" \"\$REMOTE\""

This is very similar to what git uses by default for kdiff3, but without the --auto flag.

Now you can call git mergetool -t kdiff3NoAuto or configure kdiff3NoAuto as mergetool globally and kdiff3 will always show up when resolving conflicts.

Update: regarding the second part of your question, if you really want to disable any automatic resolving, just add --qall to the kdiff3 command line above. But then you have to manually resolve all changes in the file manually, even the ones that did not result in a git conflict. Best scenario would be: kdiff3 shows how git merged the files and leaves the conflicts open for the user to choose. Anyone knows how to do that?

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Wauu, that's great. Thanks! You might consider to answer the linked question as well or put some comment comment there as it is probably exactly the same problem in the end. – Ondra Peterka Apr 4 '13 at 19:32
Thanks. I have linked to this answer in the other question. – PiQuer Apr 4 '13 at 22:01

Instead of configuring mergetool which is called only when there is a conflict, simply setup a merge driver with kdiff:

git config merge.kdiff.driver 'kdiff3  "%O" "%A" "%B" -o "%A" --L1 "Nearest Common ancestor"  -L2 "Working Copy" --L3 "Version from Other Branch"'

You can make this driver global by adding --global. But you need to add a .gitattribute in your repo:

*  merge=kdiff
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