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I'm trying to use one script on port 81 to manage multiple other express script.

I'm trying to do this : => Main server on port 81

  • First express on port 8881 => accessible on
  • Second express on port 8882 => accessible on
  • ...

I've try with vhost (express/connect vhost) but i don't want to use multiple subdomain.

If someone know how i can do this...or where is my mistake... Thank's!

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Your question is very unclear. Can you show us some code or edit your question? – jnovack Mar 10 '13 at 11:12

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If you are just trying to proxy requests to different ports you could look into Bouncy.

Another option (if the two apps are related, for instance two sections of the same website) is to use the two Express apps as sub-apps of a main Express application. To do this you would create one main Express app running on port 81, and include the lines:

var first  = require('path/to/first');
var second = require('path/to/second');

app.use('/first', first);
app.use('/second', second);

This will effectively 'mount' your apps into the larger application at the given mount location. I would probably only do this is the apps are related in some way.

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