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I am experimenting with SASS and am trying to load a simple sytlesheet using scss in my sinatra application.

The route handler in main.rb is

get('/styles.css'){ scss :styles }

In the layout (using the slim view renderer), I am using the css file as:

    link rel="stylesheet" href="/styles.css"

I've removed the stylesheet from public folder and created the styles.scss inside the views folder, but am unable to get the css file in the rendered page.

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Solved the problem. The main problem was that I had an error in the sass file which caused it to fail silently. on searching for the generated css file at http://localhost:4567/styles.css, the error was reported. On a hover option, &:hover { background: darken($background, 20%); I had a $ in place of the '&' symbol.

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