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I'm using log4net to log expected Exception like following:

try {
   // some exception occurred
} catch (Exception ex)
   log.Error("Exception occurred!", ex);

The info will be written to a file or someplace I set. But for those which is not in try...catch block runtime exception, how can I record them totally whenever occurred?

Does log4net support it or is there any way to log them together? Thank you.

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Unexpected... or unhandled? ;) –  Simon Svensson Mar 10 '13 at 12:41

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You could subscribe to the global Application_Error event handler in your Global.asax where all unhandled exceptions will bubble up and you will have the possibility to log (and probably handle them).

For example:

protected void Application_Error()
    var exception = Server.GetLastError();
    log.Error("Exception occurred!", exception);

    // TODO: optionally handle the exception here, for example display
    // some custom error page or something
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your solution is easy and works for me, thank you. –  JerryCai Mar 10 '13 at 13:04
Still have a question, after I start to record exception, it keeps to throw this exception: 2013-03-10 21:05:18,812 [14] ERROR ASP.global_asax [(null)] - Exception occurred! System.Web.HttpException: File not exist in System.Web.StaticFileHandler.GetFileInfo(String virtualPathWithPathInfo, String physicalPath, HttpResponse response) in System.Web.StaticFileHandler.ProcessRequestInternal(HttpContext context) But I don't know who and where is calling and throwing this exception, how can I debug it? from the stacktrace I have no idea about it. –  JerryCai Mar 10 '13 at 14:10
Looks like an HttpException. You could log the requested url: Context.Request.Url. This looks like some missing static file such as favicon.ico which is being requested from your browser. –  Darin Dimitrov Mar 10 '13 at 16:11

ELMAH is your friend here - you can use it with log4net.

ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) is an application-wide error logging facility that is completely pluggable. It can be dynamically added to a running ASP.NET web application, or even all ASP.NET web applications on a machine, without any need for re-compilation or re-deployment.

You can get the appropriate package with configuration with nuget.

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Also checkout Glimpse which has a plugin for Elmah. –  Srikanth Venugopalan Mar 10 '13 at 13:00

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