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Is there a method that does the opposite of the Environment.ExpandEnvironmentVariables method.

What I mean, is that upon given a path, the method returns its EnvironmentValue counterpart.

For example:


should be turned into:


(In order for configuration files to be portable.)

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I am afraid that no such method exists. Not to mention that you could have more than one environment variable pointing to the same value. Which variable would you expect to be returned in this case?

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:( oh man... Oh well, guess I gotta do it myself :) –  r0nny1l Mar 10 '13 at 13:30

After being told there's no such thing, I wrote a very simple version of it. If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be Awesome!

The method substitutes the longest Environment variable it can find.

public static class EnvironmentExtension
    public static string ContractEnvironmentVariables(string path)
        path = Path.GetFullPath(path).ToUpperInvariant();
        DictionaryEntry currentEntry = new DictionaryEntry("","");
        foreach (object key in Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables().Keys)
            string value = (string)Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables()[key];
            if (path.Contains(value.ToUpperInvariant()) && value.Length > ((string)currentEntry.Value).Length)
                currentEntry.Key = (string)key;
                currentEntry.Value = value;
        return path.Replace((string)currentEntry.Value, "%" + (string)currentEntry.Key + "%");
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You probably need to ignore casing. Converting everything to upper case using ToUpperInvariant() is a way to do that. –  Martin Liversage Mar 10 '13 at 14:18

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