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I want to create a page in php and mysql that opens data related to 2012-2013 if I select session 2012-2013. and if I select session 2013-2014 it should select another database related to 2013-14. can it be possible? A company can have many years of data so how to select them by sessions?

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Yes, that's possible. Add date/timestamps to your database tables, then do selective queries. –  mario Mar 10 '13 at 14:15

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yes of course!
on the page you select the session by using any type of INPUT method like a dropdown box.

on the next page where the database has to be opened use the
if-else structure to choose the database name and then use mysql_select_db($sessionname).

sample code is as under:

on first page where you select session.

  <select name="mysession">   
     <option value="ses1213" selected>Session 12-13</option>            
     <option value="ses1314" selected>Session 13-14</option>   

on next page write following PHP line while selecting database you want to open.


here i assume that the ses1213, ses1314 are the names of databases in mysql.

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Thanks a lot @adeel iqbal, I got it, I have about 72 pages in a project which connect with database, so can every page understand the above query "mysql_select_db($_POST["mysession"]);" –  mukesh kumar Mar 10 '13 at 18:07

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