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from the title, you can probably tell i'm an amateur. However, i would like to create a form for my MySQL/ php site, which requires fields from different tables throughout my DB. Is this possible? or do i need to create a table with all the neccessary fields in it?

Also, isit possible to save the output of this form and view all the outputs upon requested?

Thanks in advance.

ask any questions if i left anything out. I kept it short as I think this may be a simple question :@!

really appreciate it.

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A table in your database has no relation at all to the PHP code or form rendered in HTML, so there is no need for a 1:1 form to table setup. The form you show your user can have any fields it in you want, and when you receive the form POST in PHP, your application logic must then place the fields into the correct tables. –  Michael Berkowski Mar 10 '13 at 14:17
Yes, that's a simple question. But it may require more tutoring than is on-topic here. Can you be more specific? With database table structures? Or envisioned forms? At the very least post some code of what you tried. –  mario Mar 10 '13 at 14:17
What code have you tried? –  user1048676 Mar 10 '13 at 14:18
In fact, the database has no idea that the PHP code or HTML markup exist. All it knows are the commands it receives (from your PHP code) –  Michael Berkowski Mar 10 '13 at 14:20
but if i wanted to view the results of the form, which is coming from atleast 3 different tables, how would i do this? surely the outcome will have to be posted into one table? –  user2108411 Mar 10 '13 at 14:23

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Yes you can! PHP use the function echo to print data to the HTML page. this mean that you can read from the DB first and using IF to print different HTML form.

for example(Pseudo Code):


    echo ".....specific HTML....... ";
     echo ".....alternative HTML....... ";
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I am not sure i understood your question correctly but..

If you want to combine data from different tables you want to perform a database query with a JOIN

for example, if you have one table with people and one table with their pets you can combine this data in the same output by writing :

select * from persons 
left outer join pets on (pets.person_id = persons.id)

Now, if you want to "save this output" you should create a VIEW

create view persons_and_their_pets as 
    select * from persons 
    left outer join pets on (pets.person_id = persons.id)

you are now able to access this data via:

select * from persons_and_their_pets
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