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When I try to upload an image to a fan page managed by me, it gets uploaded to my album instead of the fan page's album.

I've given the 'manage_page' permission Permission Tab in Graph Explorer Tool

And I've tried the following in the Graph Explorer ToolExecution in Graph Explorer

The id I've given is my page's id. I've tried changing that to the album id in the page also (the album is having can_upload set to true).

But still the image is getting uploaded to my profile rather than the page. Can someone please help me ?

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Ok. Finally I found the answer.

It seems there are two types of access_token. One is to manage the user and the other is to manage the page.

Normally the graph explorer shows the access_token to manage the user. To get the access_token to manage the page, we need to query that from "https://graph.facebook.com//accounts".

This would result like Query Access Token for managing facebook

Then, use that access_token to finally upload the image to your fan page as shown in pics in the question.

Hope this helps.

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