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I have created a new custom button, can I set a different background image instead of 'circle' or 'triangle' ?

thanks Chanan

        exporting: {
        enabled: true,
            buttons: {
                'realTimeButton': {
                id: 'realTimeButton',
                    symbol: 'diamond',
                    x: -88,
                    symbolFill: realTimeColor,
                    hoverSymbolFill: realTimeColor,
                    _titleKey: "realTimeButtonTitle",
                    onclick: function(event) {
                      // handle change to real time
                      if ( enable_lastRoundsChart_realtime )
                         // disable real time flag
                         enable_lastRoundsChart_realtime = 0;

                         // re-create detail in real time mode disabled
                         createDetail(cache_last_rounds.last_rounds_data, window.show_top_round_ids);

                         // enable plotBand
                         if ( pb_master_chart )
                            pb_master_chart.options.chart.events.selection.enabled = 'true';
                            pb_master_chart.options.chart.zoomType = 'x';
                        // enable real time flag
                        enable_lastRoundsChart_realtime = 1;

                        // re-create detail in real time mode enabled
                        createDetail(cache_last_rounds.last_rounds_data, window.show_top_round_ids);

                        // update title
                        this.setTitle({text:"Players/Drops Per Round"}, {text:"Real Time"});

                        // if master found, remove plotBand and disable master selection
                        if ( pb_master_chart )
                            // remove plotBand
                                id: 'mask-before',
                                from: -1,
                                to: 99999,
                                color: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2)'

                            // disable selection
                            pb_master_chart.options.chart.events.selection.enabled = 'false';
                            pb_master_chart.options.chart.zoomType = null;
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According to the docs, the shapes are defined in the Highcharts.Renderer.symbols collection. Inspecting this object reveals the following available shapes:

  arc: function (a,b,c,d,e){var f=e.start,c=e.r||c||d,g=e.end-1.0E-6,d=e.innerR,h=e.open,i=W(f),j=Z(f),k=W(g),g=Z(g),e=e.end-f<Aa?0:1;return["M",a+c*i,b+c*j,"A",c,c,
  circle: function (a,b,c,d){var e=0.166*c;return["M",a+c/2,b,"C",a+c+e,b,a+c+e,b+d,
  diamond: function (a,b,c,d){return["M",a+c/2,b,"L",a+c,b+d/2,a+c/2,b+d,a,b+d/2,"Z"]}
  exportIcon: function (a,b,c,d){return y(["M",a,b+c,"L",a+c,b+d,a+c,b+d*0.8,a,b+d*0.8,"Z","M",a+c*0.5,b+d*0.8,"L",a+c*0.8,b+d*0.4,a+c*0.4,b+d*0.4,a+c*0.4,b,a+c*0.6,b,a+c*0.6,b+d*0.4,a+c*0.2,b+d*0.4,"Z"])}
  printIcon: function (a,b,c,d){return y(["M",a,b+d*0.7,"L",a+c,b+d*0.7,a+c,b+d*0.4,a,b+d*0.4,"Z","M",a+c*0.2,b+d*0.4,"L",a+c*0.2,b,a+c*0.8,b,a+c*0.8,b+d*0.4,"Z","M",a+c*0.2,b+d*0.7,"L",a,b+d,a+
  square: function (a,b,c,d){return["M",a,b,"L",a+c,b,a+c,b+d,a,b+d,"Z"]}
  triangle: function (a,b,c,d){return["M",a+c/2,b,"L",a+c,b+d,a,b+d,"Z"]}
  triangle-down: function (a,b,c,d){return["M",a,b,"L",a+c,b,a+c/2,b+d,"Z"]}

You can also add your own symbol by extending the collection. For example, drawing a simple X:

$.extend(Highcharts.Renderer.prototype.symbols, {
    anX: function (a,b,c,d){return["M",a,b,"L",a+c,b+d,"M",a+c,b,"L",a,b+d]}


enter image description here

Fiddle here.

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thanks, I worked the issue by adding clickable image –  Chanan Berler Mar 11 '13 at 9:02

You have ability to set image as icon


 symbol: 'url(http://highcharts.com/demo/gfx/sun.png)',
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Thank you, this is what i need –  user1011138 May 7 '13 at 10:16

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