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What I want to do:
I have checked out WC in current folder ("App", which is not SVN repository folder), sources were built and I want to make a tag in repository based on revisions in my WC

I run the following command (in "App" folder)
"C:\Program Files\CC\server\svn\svn.exe" copy . https://svnserver.com/svn/repos/TM1/Sources/tags/2009%5F10%5F07-0006 --username XXXXXXX --password XXXXXXXX --non-interactive -m "Production version 0006 at 2009-10-07 - 17:03:39 by "

And get the following error message and no tag added in repository:
svn: Skipping argument: '_svn' ends in a reserved name
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: '/svn/repos/TM1/Sources/tags/2009_10_07-0006' path not found

Any ideas? what's wrong
SVN Client - 1.5.4
SVN server version 1.5.x

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You are probably using two inconsistent subversion clients: one using _svn as the folder name for the metadata, and the other one .svn. If you also have been using TortoiseSVN: it's an install time option. Otherwise, the SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK environment variable may have been set when the checkout was made.

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Martin,<br/> Let add more details. - At first I checkout sources using the following command:<br/> "C:\Program Files\CC\server\svn\svn.exe" checkout svnhost.com/svn/repos/TM1/Sources/trunk App -q --username XXXXX --password XXXXXX --non-interactive --force<br/> - then I build the project and if build successful<br/> –  AlexBY Oct 8 '09 at 7:19
- want to tag it in SVN by command listed in my initial post:<br/> "C:\Program Files\CC\server\svn\svn.exe" copy . svnserver.com/svn/repos/TM1/Sources/tags/2009%5F10%5F07-0006 --username XXXXXXX --password XXXXXXXX --non-interactive -m "Production version 0006 at 2009-10-07 - 17:03:39 by "<br/> <br/> So it means I don't use different clients (TortoiseSVN is also installed on the host).<br/> Let me check this magic environment variable additionally. –  AlexBY Oct 8 '09 at 7:20
yes, I have such variable set to SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK=* How should it be set to allow me making changes in SVN repo? –  AlexBY Oct 8 '09 at 7:32
As I got it from svn.collab.net/repos/svn/trunk/notes/asp-dot-net-hack.txt That's not the issue in my case, I checkout sources with this variable and try to make tag. –  AlexBY Oct 8 '09 at 7:42
Colleagues, The issue is closed - I fixed the command from "C:\Program Files\CC\server\svn\svn.exe" copy *. * svnserver.com/svn/repos/TM1/Sources/tags/20091007-0006 --username XXXXXXX --password XXXXXXXX --non-interactive" to "C:\Program Files\CC\server\svn\svn.exe" copy App svnserver.com/svn/repos/TM1/Sources/tags/20091007-0006 --username XXXXXXX --password XXXXXXXX --non-interactive" running it from parent folder –  AlexBY Oct 8 '09 at 8:04

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