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I am working in an online radio streaming project, where I am playing audio with mediaplayer from an URL. The music is playing and working fine. But I am stuck with the play,pause functionality regarding to the state of the player activity. I want such that when the app will be exited by home button press then music will keep playing, but when a phone call rings then the music will be paused and after the phon call the music will resume. And also when user opens another app then the music will continue playing in background. (as the default music player of android works)

But still what I did results almost my desired destiny, but something is missing, like I have started the music in onResume and stopped the music in onDestroy.By doing this the music keeps playing in background when I press home button, but when a phone call comes and recieved it continues playing which creates a disgusting situation, but when another app is turned on then the music goes off. How should I manage the MediaPlayer that will work like what I want? Any suggession?

Note: I am not using any service here, just an AsyncTask class to play the music.

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Plz help anyone – Reyjohn Mar 10 '13 at 18:23
i am also stuck in this problem.Plz help.. – Nirupoma Saha Chaiti Mar 11 '13 at 9:36

The topic of MediaPlayer as background service is covered in multiple sources such as this one.

You can also find this in the Android official documentation here

Hope that helps.

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