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Can I index a multidimensional array with a single index?


in memory, a multidimensional array is indexed like a single array (example in a matrix 2x2, matrix[1][1] is the fourth element of array, "matrix[3]") Is there a system to use this notation automatically? I want write matrix[3] instead of matrix[1][1]: is possible?

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You can easily use a single index or have two methods according to how you want to access data. The method that accepts two indices could be row-major or column-major according to how the data will be accessed or used. Of course to do it you will need to store the matrix in a monodimensional array. Eg:

class Matrix {
  int data[W*H];

  int get(int i) { return data[i]; }
  int get(int x, int y) { return data[y*W+x]; }
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Jack nice explained and nice example.. –  Grijesh Chauhan Mar 10 '13 at 17:09
clear! but if I have a 3-dimension array? –  volperossa Mar 10 '13 at 18:02
Same principle applies up to any arbitrary dimension. The only things that changes is int data[W*H*D] and int get(int x, int y, int z) { return data[W*H*z + W*y + x] }. –  Jack Mar 10 '13 at 18:18

Just adding an working example with @Jack's answer: For row major and language C (not c++) but thing works same!

#define R 2
#define C 2
int main(){
  int data1[R*C]={ 1, 2,
                   3, 4
  int data2[R*C]={ 3, 5,
                   7, 8
  int result[R*C]={0 };
  int r,c;
  for(r=0; r< R ; r++){
     for(c=0; c< C ; c++){
      result[r*C + c]= data1[r*C + c]  + data2[r*C + c];
  printf("\nMatrix SUM\n");
  for(r=0; r< R ; r++){
     for(c=0; c< C ; c++){
      printf("%-3d ",result[r*C + c]);
  return 1;


Matrix SUM
4   7   
10  12  

you can see it working at codpade

You can use macro to keep index expression clean like below

#define INDEX(r, c)  r*C + c

use macro like below:


Can you notice although all arrays in my example are one dimensional but my codding style is like i am working with 2-D matrix. This is not magic but 2D arrays are implemented in similar fashion under the hood at compiler level.

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