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I would like to replace all spaces between strings with '#' except for the space after the end of string.


input=' hello  world    '
output = '#hello##world'

I know using rstrip() I can neglect the space at the end of string . I just want to try without using rstrip()

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Use regular expressions.

import re
a = ' hello  world    '
a = re.sub(' +$', '', a)
output = re.sub(' ', '#', a)

but really, this is better:

output = re.sub(' ', '#', a.rstrip())
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You don't need re.sub() in the last example: s.rstrip(" ").replace(" ", "#"). To replace any whitespace: re.sub(r"\s", "#", s.rstrip()) –  J.F. Sebastian Mar 10 '13 at 17:53

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