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I got an array that looks like this:

var myArray = {
    "ABC.txt": "1",
    "AD.txt": "2",
    "uploads/": "1",
    "uploads/Penguins.jpg": "1",
    "uploads/Tulips.jpg": "2",
    "morefiles.txt": "2"

I'm trying to make a ul li out of it like this:

    <a href="ABC.txt" pos="1">ABC.txt</a>
    <a href="AD.txt" pos="2">AD.txt</a>
  <li rel="folder">
    <a href="uploads/" pos="1">uploads</a>
        <a href="uploads/Penguins.jpg" pos="1">Penguins.jpg</a>
        <a href="uploads/Tulips.jpg" pos="2">Tulips.jpg</a>
    <a href="morefiles.txt" pos="2">morefiles.txt</a>

I'm trying to make it to UL LI using jQuery, and I came up with nothing really just scraps of code nothing even worth putting here.

Please little help.

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You may want to have a look at a template engine. One like Mustache.js or any other one would help you. –  benzonico Mar 10 '13 at 17:25

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Looks like what you need is some kind of templating engine. Check out ICanHaz, where you can have something like:

<script id="user" type="text/html">
    <p class="name">Hello I'm {{ name }}</p>
    <p><a href="http://twitter.com/{{ twitter }}">@{{ twitter }}</a></p>

And the initialization script would be as simple as:

var user = ich.user(user_data_object)

Also, this article, Client-Side Templating will explain you something for:


Along with this:

var data = {
    "title": "Story",
    "names": [
        {"name": "Tarzan"},
        {"name": "Jane"}

To be converted to this:

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Firstly the variable myArray is not an array, an array is defined inside [ ], so it should look something like this

var myArray = [{"ABC.txt" : "1"}, {"AD.txt" : "2"}, {"uploads/" : "1"}, {"uploads/Penguins.jpg" : "1"}, {"uploads/Tulips.jpg" : "2"},{"morefiles.txt" : "2"}];

But to generate the html in your question you are probably better off with the following structure:

var myArray = [
        "pos" : "1"

Then use another inner array to generate the nested

You can then just iterate through the array using a for loop and append the elements to the as you go

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maybe my idea was wrong from the first place, what im doing is taking a ul li, making it to an array by the href (keeping the positions) and synchronizing it with another array (from ul). maybe i should sync them without the arrays straight forward from the ul li, but i cant figure out how to do that without array. (it is for synchronizing a ul li that was saved for the order of the files, and keeping it sync with the current state of files) –  Mike Mar 10 '13 at 17:50
Que?? I think you need to clarify your question, are you creating the javascript array, or is it coming from an external source? –  DaveB Mar 10 '13 at 18:41

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