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I find this problem/question reoccurring and i'm not sure if there is a standard.

I develop a new project (library style) in java so by default I split it to

  1. myproj-api
  2. myproj-impl

Then I find I have some common implementation I want to share with client code such as.

NullablePersonImpl -- I want to share this with client so he can reuse the Nullable design pattern.

Obviously I don't want to share the myproj-impl with my client so which project to create?

  1. myproj-common-impl ?

I don't like the sound of it because if i put my NullablePersonImpl in my -common-impl my client would reference a common-impl library does not sound right, also i will have there some common impl generic impl like some utilities my client should not hear of.

so i thought of

  1. myproj-client-impl

i don't loike the sound of it as well, this is not only client code! this is also library code (like server code), what is the convention/recommendation?

and ofcourse i don't want to put that Nullable class in my api jar because this is not api this is just a helper class implementation.


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A class that a client of your API can use is part of the API. It should thus be part of the jar of the API. If you don't want some classes to be used by the client, make them package-protected, or document them as such. –  JB Nizet Mar 10 '13 at 17:41
Keep the classes or interfaces that are going to be used by client directly as public and keep other impl classes package protected. This is a standard way the things work. Even Java does this. –  Narendra Pathai Mar 11 '13 at 12:13

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