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Classes(class, type, country, numGuns, Bore, displacement)
Ships(name, class, launched)

Question: Find for each class the year in the which the first ship of that class was launched?

My Attempt:

         select class, min(launched) from Ships
         group by (class)

Answer provided:

         select class, launched from ships as s1
         where launched <= ALL (select year from ships as s2
                                where s2.class = s1.class)

So my question is, will I get desired result from my query? I don't really understand if it is as complicated as the Answer provided especially when there is no column as year in the table.

The minimum year in the group for class should correspond to the the first ship of that class.

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Yes, your answer works.

In fact it is better than the provided answer, because that query actually returns ALL ships and launches in a class, for the first year that that class was launched.

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