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I'm trying to configure third-party SAML Service Provider with WSO2 Identity Server acting as IdP. I faced some problems which I believe may be connected with WSO2 implementation.

After a quick research I found that AuthReponse sent by WSO2IS with POST binding is deflated and then base64 encoded. It makes AuthnResponse unparseable to my SP. I checked the SAML spec which states that it should be only base64 coded.

Another issue is that the WSO2IS requires RelayState to be sent with AuthnRequest. Otherwise an error is reported and request is not processed further. According to SAML spec this parameter is optional.

Are there any workarounds to get it working together other than customizing the SP implementation?

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I have a similar issue, and I noticed the deflate + base64 is only an issue in 4.1.0. 4.0.0 doesn't have the problem. No workaround... Sorry. – Adam Mar 16 '13 at 2:20
Both these issues are fixed in the latest release: IS 4.5.0 – Dulanja Sep 11 '13 at 10:18

Have you check this with the latest release of the wso2 IS? If not please try this in wso2 IS 5.0.0 and you can download the pack from here

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