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I am trying to iterate through a grid in c++ and mark every coordinate as false. What I thought I had done was create a 25x25 grid but VC++ is giving me two errors:

(37)"error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function taking 0 arguments"

(44)"error C2448: 'markAllIncluded' : function-style initializer appears to be a function definition"

I am using the stanford c++ lib for some of my header files.

Here is my code:

#include <iostream>
#include "console.h"
#include "maze.h"
#include "gwindow.h"
#include "grid.h"
#include "queue.h"
#include "random.h"
#include "simpio.h"
#include "stack.h"
#include "vector.h"
#include <array>

using namespace std;

const int numCols = 25;
const int numRows = 25;

Vector<int> rand_coords();
Grid<bool> markAllIncluded(numCols, numRows);

int main() {

    Vector <int> coords = rand_coords(); //get random coords
    cout << "(" << coords[0] << ", " << coords[1] << ")" << endl;

    Grid<bool> included = markAllIncluded();
    string x = included.toString();
    cout << x;

    return 0;

Grid<bool> markAllIncluded() {

    Grid<bool> m(numRows, numCols); 

    for (int i=0; i <= numRows; i++) {
        for (int j = 0; j <= numCols; j++) {
            m.set(i, j, false);

    return m;


Vector<int> rand_coords () {

    Vector<int> coords(2);

    coords[0] = randomInteger(0, numCols);
    coords[1] = randomInteger(0, numRows);

    //cout << "(" << coords[0] << ", " << coords[1] << ")" << endl;

    return coords;


Is my syntax wrong? I get my error in main() when I set included to markAllIncluded()l

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Did you just edit your code to fix the bug? Please don't do that, because now the answers lack context (they refer to a problem that doesn't exist). If you still have issues, open a new question or resolve it in chat. – nneonneo Mar 10 '13 at 19:01
Apologies, I will edit it back. – Tyler Seymour Mar 10 '13 at 19:02
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Yeah, your syntax is wrong. The function declaration

Grid<bool> markAllIncluded(numCols, numRows);

is incorrect. You should use

Grid<bool> markAllIncluded();

(since numRows and numCols are global consts), or

Grid<bool> markAllIncluded(int numCols, int numRows);

Same goes for the definition later.

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Thanks for the help nneonneo. This certainly cleared up the inability to evaluate to a function taking x arguments. I am now getting "cannot convert from 'Vector<ValueType> (__cdecl *)(void)' to 'Vector<ValueType>'" and same inability for the Grid. – Tyler Seymour Mar 10 '13 at 18:55
is this unrelated? I will update my code right now. – Tyler Seymour Mar 10 '13 at 18:55
Leave the function calls intact -- Vector <int> coords = rand_coords (); was right. – nneonneo Mar 10 '13 at 18:56
ah yikes didn't catch that. – Tyler Seymour Mar 10 '13 at 18:57
I got excited and started changing everything! – Tyler Seymour Mar 10 '13 at 18:58

Put types before identifiers when declaring functions

Grid<bool> markAllIncluded(int numCols, int numRows)
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