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I already use HTK (Hidden Markov Model Tool Kit) for recognizing specific commands used to control my Android application, but in this case I need to pass some voice data to a server and that may consume more time.

To prevent this latency, I am thinking about using pocketsphinx to recognize the voice data locally with the Android application so that I won't need to pass that audio to the server.

If this is a good idea, is it easy to learn pocketsphinx from scratch? Also, what are advantages and disadvantages of both techniques (server-based and local voice recognition), and which one is better?

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Can you please make the question clearer and format a bit for readability? –  fredrik Mar 10 '13 at 19:10
It should look better now. –  Philip Conrad Aug 30 '13 at 22:23

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CMUSphinx is definitely a great idea, it has a number of advantages over HTK:

  • Better license
  • Works offline on Android
  • Fast
  • Supports multiple languages out-of-box
  • Easier to use and learn

You definitely should try Pocketsphinx, for more information see


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