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I've found this issue only with Google Chrome : Other elements(<strong>, <em>...) than simple text, aren't well positioned while there's an <img> in the same line.

enter image description here

By the way, I tried

  • vertical-align:middle on the <img>, or some line-height, the result is not perfect.
  • The result is fine with a vertical-align:top for the pic, because it seems that other tags are aligned like the pic (this is crazy...). But I wish the pic to be vertical-align:middle...
  • The result is also fine without specifying a vertical-align to the table-cell.

You can check this fiddle


img {height:25px;}
.table {display:table;width:400px;}
.left {display:table-cell;width:30%;padding:10px;background:#CCC;}
.right {display:table-cell;width:70%;padding:10px;background:#EDEDED;


<div class="table">

    <div class="left">Left content</div>

    <div class="right">
        Some text some text, some text, some text, 
        some text, some text, some text, and a 
        <strong>bold text</strong>, then a pic : 
        <img src="some_pic_url"/>
        and <em>italic</em>


It seems that other elements aligns with the bottom of the pic...

Any idea about this ugly issue, and how to fix the vertical text align correctly on any browser ?

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+1, was wondering about this myself recently, having encountered a similar problem, with different results in Chrome as opposed to IE10 and Firefox –  Jeroen Mar 10 '13 at 19:00
Yes the same smiley positioning problem. I guess that a solution should help anyone using some BBcode and smileys, or some arrows positioning... with Chrome. –  Valky Mar 10 '13 at 19:07

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The "display: table-cell"; is cascading down from the divs and applying on the contained text nodes as well, but it is not cascading to the contained strong and em nodes.

Wrap the text in a span tag and that will protect the text from getting the cascaded "display: table-cell".

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span will not fix the problem, as you can see with Jeroen example : cssdesk.com/ZBaDL –  Valky Mar 10 '13 at 19:23

Looks like a bug, it can be fixed by adding the same vertical alignment to image:

.right img {vertical-align:top;}


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Already tried, but if you want to have a middle vertical-align to the img, this solution doesn't works. –  Valky Mar 10 '13 at 19:19
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After testing a lot of solutions, it seems that the easier way to fix this problem without adding another div element inside the table-cell is to specify the vertical-align position to each element inside the table-cell.

Like adding the following :

.right * {vertical-align:top;}

In this case, the pic can keep another position than the other elements.

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