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My input file has many lines similar to :

ATOM 339 OP1 DG D 218 72.270 54.958 23.040 1.00 27.52 O  

I want to extract the 3 coordinates: 72.270 54.958 23.040 from every line. I have stored every line as a string and use the following to extract coordinates:

sscanf(protein[j].c_str(),"%s %s %s %s %s %s %f %f %f",useless1,useless2,useless3,useless4,useless5,useless6,&xCord,&yCord,&zCord);

Here useless are all names of strings. This gives many warnings and program crashes:

warning: format '%s' expects type 'char*', but argument 6 has type 'int'.          
warning: cannot pass objects of non-POD type 'struct std::string' through '...'; call will abort at runtime.

What is the problem?

Also will sscanf() crash if its input char array has multiple spaces instead of just one? (to remove possibility of this error, i removed multiple spaces in input file.)

EDIT: I had checked this possibility of them being ints first. (I am not this big a noob.) This is the initial code:

string str,useless1,useless2,useless3,useless4,useless5,useless6,useless7,useless8,useless9;
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Sscanf is a horrible way to parse anything. Its use should be banned by the Geneva convention. –  Paul Tomblin Mar 10 '13 at 19:53
Y U NO read the error message... –  user529758 Mar 10 '13 at 19:56

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What is the problem?

The compiler just told you what it is.

format '%s' expects type 'char *', but argument 6 has type 'int'.

So the 6th format specifier in the string tells scanf() to expect a char *, but you pass an int instead.

cannot pass objects of non-POD type 'struct std::string' through '...'

This means that C++ objects (more precisely, variables that are not plain old data types) cannot be passed to a variadic function. And you're trying to do that. And it even warns you it will break.

Other comments:

  1. In C++, it's seldom advisable to use C functions. You should generally stick with std::cin et al. for better style.

  2. However, if you, despite all the above, insist to use C functions, leave poor scanf() alone. It doesn't do what you think it does anyway. Get a line of user input using fgets(), and parse it using either std::stringstream or with the help of some of the <cstring> or <string.h> functions.

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+1 for being humane about scanf(). –  Andrei Tita Mar 10 '13 at 21:41

The error is telling you that argument six which is useless6 is an int not a char *.

This reference explains why you can not pass Non-POD to variadic functions

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