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I have a page content which have text in it. underneath the content, there is a navigator bar, and I would like that whenever I Hover one of the element in the navigator, a div will open up just above the element I have just hovered on, and show some content.

I don't want the DIV that will pop-up to push any object on the page, I would like it to be, like up on all of the objects on the page.

some code since I have to insert code tags if I want to post fiddle

here's a fiddle to demonstrate:

Click here for fiddle

In the fiddle, I want that whenever I hover First, the first-feedback will be shown just above him.

This is pretty much my code, I have just used jQuery to calculate my desired width, but I just can't get the div to be above the div he should be above. I can't just calculate by my eye and say how many pixels because the website is pretty much dynamic, so I need a formula to calculate that for me every time.

If you have any code suggestion, such as relocating the feedback div, please feel free to edit the fiddle!

Thanks in advance!

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Update: Okay, I did it the way you specified: http://jsfiddle.net/2U7jB/3/. There are other ways to do it - it depends on your HTML.

Original Response: This is close to what you want: http://jsfiddle.net/2U7jB/2/

.popup {
    display: none;
    height: 35px;
    width: 100%;
    background-color: blue;

<div id="first">
    <div class="popup"></div>
<div id="second">
    <div class="popup"></div>
<div id="third">
    <div class="popup"></div>

$('#first, #second, #third').on('mouseover', function() {
$('#first, #second, #third').on('mouseleave', function() {

To get what you want, just create two divs inside #first, #second, and #third - the first div for the hidden (popup) content, and the second div for the nav menu / background color.

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