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I have html file abc.html in webApp/htmls/abcd/abc.html . Here I use the form action tag to give the action url as FORM ACTION="/pqrs" , I have the servlet situated at webApp/WEB-INF/classes/xyz/ABC.class , and the mapping in the web.xml is-->



But the when I click the form button I get an HTTP: 404 Error as

HTTP Status 404 - /webApp/htmls/abcd/pqrs

type Status report

message /webApp/htmls/abcd/pqrs 

description The requested resource (webApp/htmls/abcd/pqrs) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/7.0.5

Why is the action still searching in the htmls directory, Why is it not referring to the web.xml??

I am using Apache tomact 7.x as Web-Server with Eclipse Juno as IDE..

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Good question. I encountered the same when trying to write a proxy using Java Servlet API. I cannot help since I don't know the answer. –  Oz Molaim Apr 14 '13 at 23:12

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