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i have a library written in C++, how can i create bindings to C# so i can expose the functionality of that library to C#? And i don`t mean "port" (using SWIG possibly). I mean that when calling some functions in C#, pure C++ code is executed so it is fast. I've searched around in google but i couldn't find anything o_O

Thanks in advance :-)

p.s.: please take into notice, that i'm a bit noob in C#

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Just for the record, SWIG doesn't port code, it generates wrapper functions that let you call C or C++ from another language. Pure C++ code is still executed, but depending on the exact situation data may be copied when passing parameters in or getting return values out. –  David Seiler Oct 7 '09 at 17:42

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Try looking here to see if this helps. You can call unmanaged code from C#. It's not terribly difficult but you need to keep in mind you're working unmanaged. Coming from a C++ background this shouldn't be too tough to keep in mind.


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