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I would like to provide a (templated) function taking (among other) a function-ish object with a given return type as an argument, and ideally I would like to be able to call that function without explicit template arguments.

So far I tried:

template<A, B, F>
B some(A a, F f) { return f(a); }

template<A, B>
B some(A a, B (*f)(A)) { return some<A, B, B (*)(A)>(a, f); }

Where I have the overload to make the template args fully inferable, at least for function pointers. Now it seems I can't make the template specialization for std::unary_function, since it doesn't contain the operator() member and so it is not suitable as F.

Moreover, it seems there isn't any solution for functors in general, since I can't inform the compiler that I want F to have B operator()(A). Or is such duck typing possible somehow?

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boost::function1 (or N in general) eases the pain a little since it at least provides operator() and various functionish objects can be converted to it, so the F template arg is not needed. But not everyone can use boost and the occassional conversion might get ugly. –  ron Mar 10 '13 at 20:45

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std::unary_function is just a base for other classes with should provide operator(). There should be no instances of unary_function at all, so I can't see the problem - the first function taking 3 template arguments is the official solution for such problems.

edit: If you wanna call that function without explicit template arguments, than use std::result_of (C++11) or boost::result_of.

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Sure, but then I must explicitly supply template arguments, which I would like to avoid. –  ron Mar 10 '13 at 20:34
In C++11 you can use result_of, but in C++03... let me think. You can try to implement result_of using typeof, but that's a hack. I don't know if that will work. edit: look at this boost.org/doc/libs/1_53_0/boost/utility/result_of.hpp –  cubuspl42 Mar 10 '13 at 20:37
Great! I changed to template<typename A, typename F> typename boost::result_of<F(A)>::type some(A a, F f) { ... } and I can call it without template args just as I wanted. Could you include it in you answer to accept? –  ron Mar 10 '13 at 21:08
Glad I could help. –  cubuspl42 Mar 10 '13 at 21:13

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