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I'm studing Spring Data for Redis, but until now I have not found any example about how to use the serializers supported by this project?

I've read the section 4.6 of the reference documentation of the project ( http://static.springsource.org/spring-data/data-redis/docs/current/reference/html/redis.html#redis:serializer ) but it basically only says that it exists. Nothing more. How can I use this feature?

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In your spring config

<bean id="stringSerializer" class="org.springframework.data.redis.serializer.StringRedisSerializer"/>

<bean id="redisTemplate" class="org.springframework.data.redis.core.RedisTemplate" 
    <property name="keySerializer" ref="stringSerializer"/>
    <property name="valueSerializer" ref="stringSerializer"/>

<bean id="jedisConnectionFactory" class="org.springframework.data.redis.connection.jedis.JedisConnectionFactory" 
    p:host-name="myhostname" p:port="6379"/>

Or if you want to set it in Java

// inject the actual template 
      private RedisTemplate<String, Object> template;
template.setKeySerializer(new StringRedisSerializer());
template.setValueSerializer(new StringRedisSerializer());
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Serializers are used in a few places in the codebase, most notably in RedisTemplate to convert the raw bytes stored in Redis as keys/values to your custom data types (and vice versa). This is mentioned in Section 4.4 of the documentation.

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