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I want to send class variables from android device to server.

In my server java program receives requests with socket connection

I want to use xml serializer . I couldn't find any xml serializer that was supported both java platforms , jre and android .

I can use different xml serializer libraries in android and java . But i worry about two different serializer library can not read each others serialized data .

Simply i want to serialize class in android , and send to server application java over tcp connection , and deserialize received data to class again in java .

What libraries can i use in android and java ? Or any alternative way to send data from android to java application ? Thank you

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I had success using google protocol buffer library. It has a compiler that generates code for several languages including java and python, and they claim it to be faster than xml / json serialization. I recently read a post that suggested using j2me implementation in android because of it reduced size.

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