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I have a file that has questions and answers in them by grade and subject. I need to get the path inserted into the question. The path is made up of the fixed URL, subject, grade, and image name(which is in the question). I have been able to get the path constructed but can not figure out how to use sub to replace old value with new value. Here is what I have so far:

 x<-read.csv( 'E:/My Documents/RED-985_second_try_2013022802.csv' , header =
 TRUE, sep = ",", fill = TRUE , quote="\"", na.strings="NA")

 ## Here we determine which rows contain a line that begins with 'img src',
 since those are the ones we want.
 target.rows <- grep(x[,3], pattern = "img src=.*\\.gif")
 new.string <- ""

 #Will need to look through each column by changing the value in the
 target.row command so that I bet all images

 for (i in 1: length(target.rows))
    grade<-x[target.rows[i],2] <- x[target.rows[i],3]
    first.quote.pos <- gregexpr(pattern='"',[[1]][1] + 1
    second.quote.pos <- gregexpr(pattern='"',[[1]][2] - 1
    new.string[i] <- substring(,first.quote.pos,second.quote.pos)                                                        

    if (nchar(grade) == 1)

    if (subject == 1)

    grade.string[i] <-grade


    url.string2<-sub(, paste("",
    subject,"-",grade,"/",new.string[i], sep = ""), x[[i],3])
    gsub("img src=.*\\.gif", "url.string2", x)

     warnings(url.strings <- paste("",
     subject.string,"-",grade.string,"/",new.string, sep = ""))

I get these error messages:

Running E:\My Documents\Revolution\Project_One\Project_One\GSUB_Try.R ...
E:\My Documents\Revolution\Project_One\Project_One\GSUB_Try.R(38): Error:
unexpected ','

What am I doing wrong or how should I be looking at it? Thank you very much in advance.

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Near the end, you have this:


That comma is unexpected. Looking at earlier uses of x, it seems you might want this:

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