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I have a css file containing hebrew characters:

.className:after {
     content: "x סגור";

The file is stored on googlecode SVN; When viewing this file in the browser I see ???? instead of what is expected.

I tried adding @charset at the top of the file as well as setting TortoiseSVN mime-type properties svn:charset to utf-8 etc

When the same CSS is inside the html files, it renders great.

I assume this is the way the TortoiseSVN stores the file or how google is serving the file.

I've tried a few solutions as suggested here before, e.g. Specifying a charset for stylesheets, but none seems to solve my issue.

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If other developers can check out this file, then it's not a big problem. Maybe googlecode's source browser doesn't understand utf8, but that's a minor thing. Do you have a link to that page? –  Amir E. Aharoni Mar 11 '13 at 21:25

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