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Is there any way to build a mobile Google Earth-based application that can show dynamic (periodically changing) data?

Here is what I have found

  • There is no GE plugin for mobile (iOS, Andriod) so the Javascript API is out
  • There is no supported native API
  • The NetworkLink RefreshInterval KML does not work on mobile versions (I can't get any part of the NetworkLink KML element to work)
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NetworkLinkControl Updates DO work with the Google Earth Application for mobile devices.

  1. Load a KML from the internet - inside this KML, have a NetworkLink such as:

            <href>URL of Updating KML</href>

So, every 20 seconds GE tries to load the 'URL of Updating KML'

  1. Create the 'Updating KML' - which will have <Update> commands such as:

                <targetHref>URL of initial KML (one to make changes to)</targetHref>
                          <Placemark targetId="placemarkID">

That example would look for a Placemark with the id of 'placemarkID' and change its visibility to 0 (invisible)

My example is using the Change feature of updating, there are also Create and Delete

Here is a Google Example of using Updates

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