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New to Java and Maven and having trouble with a dependency. (Not using an IDE)

In the pom.xml for my project I have:


The first build downloaded the dependency and compiled with no errors. But, in, the statement:

import org.apache.pdfbox;

causes the error:

.../[3,17]error: package org.apache does not exist

How do I include maven dependencies in my classes?

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The statement import org.apache.pdfbox is incorrect. You import class(es) from a package, not a package itself. For example,

// Import a single class from package pdfbox
import org.apache.pdfbox.SomeClass;


// Import all classes from package pdfbox 
// (But this doesn't import classes from sub-packages)
import org.apache.pdfbox.*;
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There is no Class called org.apache.pdfbox, this is a package You need

import  org.apache.pdfbox.*;
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You need to specify a class or wildcard in an import statement. Currently you are attempting a class called pdfbox which doesn't exist. If you want to import everything in the pdfbox package, you can use:

import org.apache.pdfbox.*;

See Importing in: Using Package Members

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