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I know this question has been asked a ton of times, but I think the fact that I'm specifying modified fields is making it a little tougher for me to solve. Here's my update method (in repository):

        public Folder UpdateFolder(Folder folder)
            _db.Folders.Attach(folder); // error happens here
            var entry = _db.Entry(folder);
            entry.Property(e => e.Title).IsModified = true;
            return entry.Entity;

I get "An object with the same key already exists" when I try to Attach. If I remove that line, I get "The entity of type "folder" does not exist in this context".

Here's where I'm calling it from (test method):

        homeFolder = _dtoServices.AddFolder(new FolderDto
                Title = "Home Folder"
        Assert.AreEqual(_dtoServices.GetHomeData().TotalFolders, 1);

        // Check Folder
        Assert.AreEqual(_dtoServices.GetFolder(homeFolder.FolderId).Details, "Home Folder");

        // Update Folder, Check Folder
        homeFolder.Title = "Updated";
        _dtoServices.UpdateFolder(homeFolder); // HERE
        Assert.AreEqual(_dtoServices.GetFolder(homeFolder.FolderId).Details, "Updated");

In my DtoServices:

        public FolderDto UpdateFolder(FolderDto folderDto)
            var test = _repository.UpdateFolder(folderDto.ToEntity());
            return null;

In my FolderDto:

public class FolderDto
    public FolderDto()

    public FolderDto(Folder folder)
        FolderId = folder.FolderId;
        Title = folder.Title;          

    public int FolderId { get; set; }

    public string Title { get; set; }

    public Folder ToEntity()

        var folder = new Folder
            FolderId = FolderId,
            Title = Title,
        return folder;

Any idea why this happening?

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The problem is most likely here: folderDto.ToEntity(). I guess in _dtoServices.AddFolder you have created a Folder entity and added it to the context, then called SaveChanges, then placed the generated Id in the returned homeFolder DTO. The entity Folder is still attached to the context and after SaveChanges in state Unchanged.

In UpdateFolder by calling folderDto.ToEntity() you create a new entity instance var folder = new Folder... with the same Id that you have returned from AddFolder. Then you attach this new instance to the same context where the old instance from AddFolder with the same key is still attached to ==> another "object with the same key" ==> exception.

Either detach the old entity before you attach the new one, or use Find to check if there isn't already an entity with the same key. If yes, update this entity and don't attach the other object.

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