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Ok so I'm trying to make a simple text editing program and I got the files to save, but the problem is that all line breaks are removed in the saved file


text as it appears in the text editor


text as it appears in the saved file


code I'm using
string filename = saveFileDialog1.FileName; File.WriteAllText(filename,richTextBox1.Text);
string filename = saveFileDialog1.FileName;
File.AppendAllText(filename, richTextBox1.Text);

These both produce the same result ie no linebreaks

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

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You should just be able to use File.WriteAllLines with the RichTextBox.Lines property, as File.WriteAllText and File.AppendAllText is going to ignore you line formatting.


string filename = saveFileDialog1.FileName;
File.WriteAllLines(filename, richTextBox1.Lines);
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Worked Thanks, now it makes sense why I couldn't do File.WriteAllLines(filename, richTextBox1.Text); – Kazankoph Mar 11 '13 at 3:50

Try this.

 File.WriteAllLines(saveFileDialog.FileName, richTextBox.Lines);
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