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I am using DSL Tools for Visual Studio 2005.

I have a DSL where at a certain point I would like to create a new Diagram using custom code.

So far, I was able to create a new Diagram by overwriting the current, already opened diagram. Code follows:

FEGeneratorDiagram diag = new FEGeneratorDiagram(ThisElem.Store);
FEGeneratorDiagram currentDiag = (FEGeneratorDiagram)ThisElem.Store.ElementDirectory.FindElements<FEGeneratorDiagram>(false)[0];
currentDiag = diag;

But, what I would really like to do would be,

to create a new DSL document with a new instance FEGeneratorDiagram and then keep on my logic of adding elements and setting properties.

Any help?

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//Create a Store
Type[] modelTypes = new Type[] { typeof(CoreDesignSurfaceDomainModel), typeof(FEGeneratorDomainModel) };
Store store = new Store(modelTypes);
RootElement root;
using (Transaction t =
store.TransactionManager.BeginTransaction("Create Elements"))
    root = FEGeneratorSerializationHelper.Instance.LoadModel(store, diagramPath, null, null);
//Do whatever custom things you want!

SerializationResult result = new SerializationResult();
//Save the file
FEGeneratorSerializationHelper.Instance.SaveModel(result, root, diagramPath);
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