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Where can I find the fromRealFrac function? According to the gentle intro the function should exist and from a bit of googling around, I gather it should be in Prelude - yet ghci complains that it's not in scope.

I'm using fromRational . toRational for the time being, as according to the gentle intro that's how fromRealFrac is meant to be defined.

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My guess is that this function was (re)moved post-Haskell 98. – Code-Apprentice Mar 11 '13 at 3:59
That's most likely a typo in the gentle intro. You want realToFrac. – augustss Mar 11 '13 at 9:35

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The function formerly known as "fromRealFrac" was renamed "realToFrac" in the Haskell 98 Report.

In the Haskell 1.4 Prelude we find

fromRealFrac    :: (RealFrac a, Fractional b) => a -> b
fromRealFrac    =  fromRational . toRational

However, by Haskell 98 it is known as

realToFrac     :: (Real a, Fractional b) => a -> b
realToFrac      =  fromRational . toRational

This change is listed in the Haskell 98 Report Errata:

[Apr 2001] Page 84, Section 6.4, Fig 7; and bottom of page 86, Section 6.4.6.
    fromRealFrac :: (RealFrac a, Fractional b) => a -> b
should be replaced by
    realToFrac :: (Real a, Fractional b) => a -> b

The closest commit I could find was this in the report repo.

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It appears this function is called realToFrac in the GHC Prelude.

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According to Hoogle, there is no function named fromRealFrac in the standard libraries. Perhaps it is a function that the authors of the gentle intro made up themselves?After looking at the link, they certainly suggest that it is in a library somewhere...I'm confused, too.

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