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I need to generate a random string like above to name images. Basically I don't want to use a predictable format where people you easily script to extraction of all the images from the site I'm building.

I know the PHP rand() function.

To make a string like above would I be best to just use the rand() function many times?

better way to do this? thoughts?


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Try using the uniqid() function:


This generates universally unique IDs like what you are after. Maybe you want to stitch together 2 or more of these, if you want longer strings.

EDIT: You also probably want to set $more_entropy argument to true.

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$rand_val = date('YMDHIS') . rand(11111, 99999);
echo $image_file_name = md5($rand_val) . '.jpg';

// 9da5ea8c52b14305fd11a9c012a23f08.jpg
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