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Eclipse with PyDev do not show me correct code completions when I'm using PyObjC. I googled about this probrem and found the reason in this article. This article said that PyDev can't read the informations in bridge-support file and that's the reason of this problem.

I know that this probrem can be settled by writing predefined completions. But there are tons of class/methods in PyObjC. For example, AppKit module contains 230393 class in itself and AppKit.NSWindow contains 26991 methods in it. (I count them by using and in PyDev)

Is there any common way to generate lots of pledefined completion scripts of PyDev? Or is there any way to get correct completion when I'm using PyObjC?

add on 2013/03/12 07:56(JST)

I add objc, Foundation, AppKit, Cocoa and so on to Force Builtin of PyDev. Now PyDev shows me more suggests in completion than before. But PyDev can't find alloc() method in PyObjC's classes. In common case, we initialize NSWindow like below:

from Foundation import *
from AppKit import *
window = NSWindow.alloc().initWithContentRect_styleMask_backing_defer_(

So I want alloc() as completion candidate after I type window = NSWindow..

First probrem is that PyDev(and other IDE like PyCharm) can't find alloc method on any pyobjc's class. I tried to find alloc method by using interactive shell, but I couldn't find it either.

Second probrem is that as a result of first probrem, PyDev can't analyze the type of the variable when I make instance of NSWindow(or any in PyObjC). So PyDev can't suggest initWithContentRect_styleMask_backing_defer_ after I type window = NSWindow.alloc()..

Please let me know if you know the way to solve probrem like this.

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Parsing the bridgesupport files is not a solution, those contain only a small subset of the method and class definitions exposed by PyObjC (most information is extracted from the Objective-C runtime).

I don't use PyDev myself and don't know what file format it uses for completions, it may well be easy to create those files by using dir() on all classes in objc.getClassList().

Appearently one workaround for this is to tell PyDev to treat the PyObjC modules you use as a builtin module: PyDev FAQ

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I add objc, Cocoa, FOundation and AppKit to Forced Builtin. PyDev shows me more methods/classes than befor. But I can't get suggest alloc method even now. – user2100702 Mar 11 '13 at 13:53
That's probably because alloc is a method defined in a metaclass of NSObject that isn't exposed as a module global. The metaclass is needed due to details in the ObjC object model. I don't know how to force PyDev to look in metaclasses for methods on the class. – Ronald Oussoren Mar 15 '13 at 10:06

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