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Looking for method for wrapping a 2d image around a 3d object, such as a helmet, and then unwrapping it back to 2d image to allow printing. For example, you have a photograph that you want to use to wrap a bike helmet. You do not want the image to be distorted even though it will be wrapped on complex 3d object. Once sized and positioned correctly, you need to create a 2d image that can be printed on an ink-jet printer, trimmed and then applied to the helmet.

I think there is probably overlap in these requirements and 3d textures used in games.

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What material are you printing on? Are you hoping it to stretch to the curves, or expecting to cut it? – Pete Kirkham Oct 7 '09 at 18:03
adhesive backed vinyl, cutting is fine – Dwight Kelly Oct 20 '09 at 0:14

In MATLAB you can use warp once you've defined a surface which can be represented in several ways, such as this.

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It is not possible to map an image to an arbitrary surface without distortion. I think it is not possible if "the surface does not consists of straight lines" like for example a cylinder or cone does. The same holds for you print - you cannot wrap a flat printout around an arbitrary surface except it is stretchable or you add (many) cuts until it approximately fits the surface.

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