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I have uploaded new version of Google App Engine and enable the uploaded version of the app as the default version. Im using Java. I found out in admin console that old files that are not in the new version is still requested.

Im referring in admin console dashboard, under URI errors. E.g. I have the error for /image/main.jpg in URI errors.

In my appengine-web.xml file, I have the following expiration of static files:

    <include path="/js/**" expiration="30m"/>
    <include path="/image/**" expiration="30m"/>
    <include path="/css/**" expiration="30m"/>

Why do I get URI errors for the file that is not in enabled version?

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Did you go to the admin and set the default version to be your new version?

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yes. but i think returned users were served w/ d previous version or maybe problem on browser caching? –  JR Galia Mar 12 '13 at 0:41

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