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I'm working with Application Express and Jquery. If my field contains the value of 0.5 Oracle returns it as .5 without the zero. This causes jQuery JSON parser to choke.

declare v_sql varchar2(4000);

    v_sql := 'select 0.5 xyz from dual';
    apex_util.json_from_sql (v_sql);



I want:


Is there some way to direct json_from_sql to put in the leading zero if required for all decimal fields?

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As far as I'm aware there are no options to json_from_sql, which annoyingly enough is still not documented in the official documentation. It may be there is an implicit to_char happening on the field, removing the leading zero.
This is in the spec of htmldb_util, and there are no comments.

procedure json_from_sql (
    sqlq     in varchar2 default null,
    p_sub    in varchar2 default 'N',
    p_owner  in varchar2 default null);

When you execute the select from the SQL workshop > SQL commands the zero is also not displayed.
I know it's not thrilling, but you may consider putting a to_char around your numbers:

v_sql := 'select TO_CHAR(0.5,''FM9990D0'') xyz from dual';
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I solved this by doing a string replace on the client side

json = json.replace(/\:\./g, ":0.");

Before calling parseJSON

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