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I'm going to develop a site for two type of user(Say Admin and normal User). Admin should able to manage their other normal user. Admin are able to host videos and audios. Normal users should able to post comments and vote. Whether there are any django supporting modules for it ? Please share your knowledge with me.

  1. For Posting a comment, we can use Django comments.
  2. For social sharing and login, we can user social auth.
  3. For voting a video/ audio, we can use Django Vote


Do anybody know Django module for hosting Videos, Audios, etc., ?

Thanks in Advance.

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You can use the above mentioned modules, Also you can customize their code for your own requirements.

I didn't use below mentioned apps but still you can see for your needs.

Personally I used django-boto for hosting my data on Amazon S3.

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django's just a framework for routing the requests, so all these you mentioned should be done by your self.

  • Make the database models
  • Design the views

the "modules" you mentions are like some common tools prepared by django, not really part of the framework.

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