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On Windows, the drag and drop action can be done via COM DoDragAndDrop API, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/windows/desktop/ms678486%28v=vs.85%29.aspx. It can perform D&D operation perfectly and has the best system integration.

Recently, I found it is not touch friendly API, it can not handle touch event very well. On Window 7/8, A Win32 window created by CreateWindow API is also able to handle touch event in the same way as handling mouse event. Actullay, it seems the touch events are converted into a similar mouse events, e.g. a mouse down event is triggered when a finger is tapped down, a mouse move event is triggered when a finger is moved.

However, the DoDragAndDrop COM API doesn't convert touch event into mouse event, even the COM service doesn't have any idea about touch event at all. But I had a try to drag a file from one folder to another folder on Win8, it works. If the D&D operation is also implemented based on COM API, I indeed got a conflicting result.

Did I miss something when I use DoDragAndDrop for touch event support? Thanks.

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DoDragDrop() does support touch on Win7/8 (and yes, D&D of files is implemented by Windows Explorer using DoDragDrop()), so your problem is related to something else. Did you check whether DoDragDrop() is returning any error code to your code that you may be ignoring?

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