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I have a postgres function which runs the following loop

while x<=colnum LOOP EXECUTE
'Update attendrpt set slot'||x||' = pres from (SELECT branch, semester, attend_date , div, array_to_string(ARRAY_AGG(first_name||':'||alias_name||':'||lect_type||':'|| to_char(present,'99')),';') As pres from attend1 where lecture_slot_no ='||x||' group by branch, semester, attend_date , div ) j where attendrpt.branch=j.branch and attendrpt.semester=j.semester and attendrpt.attenddate=j.attend_date and attendrpt.div=j.div;';


The problem here is it is conflicting the single quotes closing in query and the execute command.Is there anyway to solve this. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, please always post a complete function. Your question is pointless without showing it all. And in a readable format. – Erwin Brandstetter Mar 11 '13 at 7:25
@SJCET your edit removed Erwin's cleaned up formatting for your code and replaced it with the same(?) unreadable mess. Preview. Use the {} code indent button. Please show the whole function from CREATE [OR REPLACE] FUNCTION to the end semicolon. – Craig Ringer Mar 11 '13 at 15:02

Quote your function definition with dollar-quoting (like $BODY$ or just $$) as per the manual.

Use execute ... using instead of string substitution. For substituting identifiers use the %I format specifier from the format function.

If you absolutely must use || string concatenation, say if you're on some ancient version of PostgreSQL, you need to use the quote_literal and quote_ident functions to avoid issues with quoting and potential security problems.

Beyond that, it looks like the whole approach is completely unnecessary; you're doing something that looks like it can be done in simple SQL.

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Thanks but I solved the issue using single quotes twice for inner quotes. – SJCET Mar 12 '13 at 8:35

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