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Just started learning applescript today, and I'm getting the following error when trying to pull a string from a list:

error "Cant make item 0 of list my_list of <> into type text." number -1700 from item 0 of my_list to text

I'm not sure what it means. The error comes from these lines:

set my_list to {"http://my_url.com?var=a" as text}
set theUrl to (item 0 in my_list) as text

I've looked around, and can't seem to find anything that indicates I am doing this incorrectly. What am I doing wrong? I have also tried instantiating the list with more strings.

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You've done too much programming! :-) It turns out that AppleScript lists are 1-indexed, and not 0-indexed. So item 1 in my_list will work fine. (AppleScript was designed to be used by non-programmers, so it has quirks like that.)

Also (at least on my 10.8.2 system), the class of "strings" is already text, so the as texts are unnecessary. And just FYI, you can use item 1 of … instead of item 1 in …. (See above re. "used by non-programmers:" it was supposed to look like English.)


set my_list to {"http://my_url.com?var=a"}
set theUrl to item 1 in my_list

Or, if my_list is actually of unknown provenance and you do need to convert the result of the lookup,

set my_list to {"http://my_url.com?var=a"}
set theUrl to item 1 in my_list as text

(No parentheses are necessary on the last line.)

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Ahhhh I see! Thank you for the additional comments about the as text lines. I originally had what you said above, but in my frustration I added casting calls everywhere, and changed "of" to "in". As an aside, I think its dumb for a scripting language to be targeted towards non-programmers. Users who go on to program after using applescript will be so confused now. –  John Leehey Mar 11 '13 at 16:07

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