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I need to write a shell script which reads the output from another shell script ( writes the result to a flat file.

Basically We dont have control and permission to change the but are allowed to access the results.

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Just to clarify, are you talking about something which output redirection ( > outfile) would not handle? – Will Palmer Mar 11 '13 at 7:37
up vote 1 down vote accepted > log.txt
mapfile b < log.txt

output will be saved to log.txt and array variable b

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo $1


#!/usr/bin/env bash
while read line
do echo "read: $line"


chmod +x *.sh "something" |


read: something

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Have you tried using pipe:

./ | ./ > flat.txt


bash | bash > flat.txt

depends on how you run the script (./script needs the file to have executable bit -- chmod +x script).

Using | results sends directly it's output to yourNewScript. > writes output of yourNewScript to file flat.txt

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