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I am developing an auction system with a limit or max bid scenario using php mySQL(MyISAM) and PDO, using two tables


 Id   | title | seller  |  currentbid   |  limit(max bid)   |  dated | bidder


 Id  | auctionid | bid  | bidder | dated

After user placed a bid the following happens (I am using PDO prepared statements)

 $record = fetch (‘Select * from auction where id = :id’, array(‘id’ => $id))
 $increment = 1;
 $postedBid = $_REQUEST[‘postedBid’];
 $currentBid = $record[‘currentbid’];
 $limitBid = $record[‘limit’];

 If($postedBid < $currentBid + $increment){
    Return;(without processing bid!)
    If($limitBid !> $postedBid){
       Insert into bids (auctionid, bid, bidder, dated(timestamp)) values ($auctioned, $postedBid, ……);

       Update auction set currentbid = $postedBid, limit = $postedBid ….


       Insert into bids (auctionid, bid, bidder, dated(timestamp)) values ($auctioned, $postedBid, ……);

       Insert into bids (auctionid, bid, bidder, dated(timestamp)) values ($auctioned, $postedBid + $increment, ……);

       Update auction set currentbid = $postedBid + increment, limit = $limitBid ….

i want to know two things

1- if this approach is ok and how can I improve this

2- How can I avoid concurrent bids. I don’t know how to apply locks using PDO. Appreciate any example queries using locks or any other approach to deal with this problem


(Apologies for using mixed type of code)

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I think what you need to do this in a store procedure in MySQL that simply returns a success/failure message.

You would need to change your code to be something like this:

If($postedBid < $currentBid + $increment){
   Return;(without processing bid!)
} else {
   $stmt = $db->prepare("CALL update_bid(?,?, ...)");
   $stmt->execute(array($parameter1, $parameter2, ...));

Keep your checking in the code as well to help prevent unnecessary db calls, the stored proc will just help ensure no concurrency problems.

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hmmm great actually i am a newbie to mysql didn't know it has procedure facility i will definitely look into it. Thanks – Shah Mar 11 '13 at 8:02
"basic support" for stored procedures was present in 5.0.0 – Talon Mar 11 '13 at 8:27

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