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I have three MySql table

category table:

id        link_id     category_id
1          5           10
2          6           12
3          5           12

Link table:

link_id    link_title         link_url        website_id
5          title            test.com/test         1
6          title2           test.com/test2        1
7          title3           link.com/linklist     2

Website table:

website_id      url
1               test.com
2               link.com

now I need to change category table link_id to website_id like this

id        link_id(/website_id)     category_id
1          1                    10
2          2                    12
3          1                    12

Is this possible using MySql update query

Thank you in advance!

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Why is the category with the Id = 3 has link_id(/website_id) = 2 where that link_id for this category has no entries in the link table. Why it is 2?? –  Mahmoud Gamal Mar 11 '13 at 7:45

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you can join both tables,

UPDATE  category a
        INNER JOIN link b
            ON a.link_id = b.link_ID
SET     a.link_ID = b.website_ID
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PS: are you sure that you desired results are correct? because I find it wrong due to link_id –  John Woo Mar 11 '13 at 7:47
Thanks for your suggestion I have updated. –  user2098185 Mar 11 '13 at 8:53

Try this query but make sure you have backup before doing this.

UPDATE category AS c
    ON l.link_id = c.link_id
SET c.link_id = l.website_id
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what happens here is when category has record which don't have match on table Link, the result value of category.link_id will be null –  John Woo Mar 11 '13 at 7:45
UPDATE category
SET link_id = website_id FROM Link L
WHERE L.link_id = category.link_id
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Can you try this ??

update catagory a
set a.link_id = (
  select b.website_id from link b
  inner join website c on b.website_id = c.website_id
    where a.link_id= b.link_id)
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