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[root@server1 ~]# perl file.pl & echo dog > custom-out.log &

[1] 24265

[2] 24266


[root@server1 ~]#

I'd like to know how I can do this but at the same time not have it echo out

[1] 24265
[2] 24266

As you see I have perl.pl which takes a little while. I only want the results from echo. So I only want "cat" as the output instantly & breaking the console so ssh2 in php can read the result. hence the reason I need this.

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The messages noting that the processes were backgrounded is getting written to stderr by the shell. If you wrap this in a subshell and throw away its stderr you probably get what you expect.

( perl file.pl & echo dog > custom-log.out & ) 2>/dev/null

That said you almost certainly want to throw this into an actual file and execute that from your PHP code rather than rely on it invoking the shell correctly.

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